Driving Sustainable Innovation Forward

At Fellow Future, we are building a global community of changemakers; industry experts, scientists, investors, planet earth enthusiasts, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Together, we are committed to creating positive environmental impact and fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

Rooted in Sweden's entrepreneurial and forward-thinking cities- Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Malm√∂ - our leadership team embodies our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and global impact. From how we build our platform, to how we help our customers to thrive, each member plays a vital role. 





Gothenburg, Sweden

Our headquarters embodies the city's rich legacy of maritime trade and modern innovation. Renowned for its green spaces, and strong commitment to sustainability, fueled by a rich cultural scene and progressive urban planning, our headquarters serves as a dynamic center for sustainable commerce.

Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden, hosts numerous cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and music events. This is complemented by a strong academic presence, with leading universities and research institutions driving innovations in various fields, particularly in sustainability and technology.

In this dynamic environment, Fellow Future thrives. Here, we draw inspiration from the city's progressive urban planning, many startups/entrepreneurs, industry events, and innovative spirit to drive positive change. Our presence grounds us both historically, and propels us into the future of innovation.