1. What is Fellow Future?

Fellow Future is your gateway for sustainable trade dedicated to promoting sustainability, circular economy, and responsible practices. We provide a new and differentiated platform; an integrated marketplace/PaaS with services, education, goods, resources, tools, and a vibrant community of businesses and other stakeholders committed to making a positive impact. The platform serves as an impact hub, and a catalyst, where partners and users can connect, share insights, solutions, ideas, build partnerships and innovate, to create a better world. Learn more

2. How does Fellow Future work?

Our platform offers a comprehensive range of curated products, services, content, and tools. Users can explore a diverse array of offerings, from circular and eco-friendly products to renewable energy solutions, expert sustainability services, and more. Beyond the marketplace, we provide educational resources, courses, and support for partners to help them grow sustainably. Whether you are an individual or organization seeking products, services, expertise, or opportunities to collaborate, Fellow Future is here to empower you on your sustainability journey. Learn more

3. How does Fellow Future differ from other marketplaces?

Fellow Future stands apart with its green, transformative approach that transcends traditional models. We offer a holistic and inclusive platform covering different functions, and categories, promoting sustainability, and a circular economy. What sets us apart is our inclusive ecosystem and our commitment to fostering partnerships for mutual growth, amplifying sustainable practices globally. We extend our impact by emphasizing community engagement, providing knowledge, support, incentives/rewards, making sustainability more than a transactional choice. Learn more

4. Who can join the platform and community?

We include businesses and other stakeholders committed to making a positive impact. Anyone seeking to make responsible choices and to support sustainable practices can join. Businesses seeking to transform their operations, or are offering sustainable solutions are encouraged to become customers and partners on the platform. Customers and employees can use the platform and get incentivized, to make better choices. Experts and thought leaders are welcome to contribute with insights, publications, webinars, and more. Influencers and activists can advocate and share their influence within the community. Other actors such as nonprofits, and NGOs, are invited to explore collaboration opportunities. 

5. Can I sell my products and services on Fellow Future?

Absolutely! We welcome businesses and organizations who offer sustainable products, services, and education to join our platform. We believe in fostering a diverse range of offerings to meet the varied needs of our community. By becoming a Fellow Future partner, and provider, you gain access to our vibrant community and reach a global network of partners and customers who share your commitment to sustainability. Learn more

6. What are the benefits and what does it cost?

At Fellow Future, we offer a wide range of benefits tailored to meet the diverse needs of our users. By joining our platform, you gain access to curated content, products, services, resources, and tools designed to facilitate sustainable trade, and drive positive change. Whether you are a business looking to expand your reach, an impact investor or an individual committed to make sustainable choices, we provide opportunities, the infrastructure and support needed to thrive. For specific details regarding subscriptions and pricing, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

7. How do I join the Fellow Future platform and community?

Joining Fellow Future is free. Register to create an account, and you will gain access to our community, resources, and marketplace. To become a partner, or request a demo, apply online or reach out through our contact form. Our team will guide you through the features, benefits, and our onboarding process and provide you with the information needed to get started. Engage with fellow partners and users, learn, and contribute to a more sustainable world. To stay updated, follow us on our social media channels, join our community groups, and subscribe to our newsletter.

8. What products and services can I find on Fellow Future?

We offer a high performing interface for third party partners, as providers. We provide a wide range of services and goods designed to cater to various needs, B2B and B2C. From circular design, to renewable energy solutions, eco-friendly building materials, packaging alternatives, eco-travel destinationos and hotels, you can find an array of offerings that align with your values. Whether you're a business seeking expertise or sustainable solutions for your operations, or an individual striving to lead an eco-conscious lifestyle, Fellow Future is your one-stop destination.

9. How do I buy products and services on Fellow Future?

Being a buyer on Fellow Future is easy! Browse our marketplace to discover a variety of products, services, education programs, and more. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. For bookings and negotiations related to services, education, eco-travel and hotels, webinars and events, you need to directly contact the providers or navigate to their site. While we are working towards integrating a booking and payment function for services; these require development and will be available in the future. In the meantime, we will help you find the best on the market.

10. How do I ensure that the offers I buy are sustainable?

All featured partner brands have undergone thorough vetting processes. “Certified” refers to products endorsed or accredited by third party organizations validating their sustainability claims. These products meet strict criteria, ensuring that they have minimal environmental impact and adhere to ethics throughout their lifecycle. Look for verified labels and certifications in the product details, ensuring they meet the highest standards. To learn about our criteria, and how we define the sustainability dimensions of a product or service, refer to our Terms & Conditions.

11. How do you ensure the authenticity of sustainability claims?

We conduct an initial vetting process to ensure that brands align with our entry criteria. While we undertake this preliminary evaluation, we strongly encourage and support our partners and users to seek verification through an accredited third-party body. This ensures a deeper assessment of their claims. By partnering with third-party experts, we can provide guidance to assist brands in transitioning to more sustainable practices, and to obtain an external verification. This approach serves to eliminate greenwashing, enhancing circularity, and helps to build trust.

12. What educational resources and tools are available? 

At Fellow Future you can access a wealth of articles, guides, videos, webinars, and courses, covering a spectrum of topics, from sustainable living to sustainable practices. These resources and tools aim to empower users with the knowledge and strategies necessary for fostering sustainable growth and aligning practices with environmental and ethical values. Tailored tools are offered to businesses to aid in enhancing their business models, operations, supporting their them on their sustainability journey. We believe in accessibility, and inclusion to empower positive change.

13. How does Fellow Future support sustainable brands?

Our platform serves as an impact hub for sharing knowledge and best practices. We offer cutting edge knowledge and expertise, collaborative features, resources and tools to help our partners grow sustainably. From sustaianble business insights to marketing strategies, we provide guidance that aligns with your goals. We provide valuable data, and data-driven insights into user preferences, buying behaviors, and market trends combined with collective ESG data. These insights, enable you to tailor your business model, and engagement efforts for maximum results.

For further questions or feedback about Fellow Future, and our services, please contact us!