1. Introduction

Fellow Future AB, with company registration number 559167-9179 is responsible for this cookie policy.

Cookies are small blocks of data. The text files contain data stored on the visitor’s computer. From time to time, the website requests data from the cookies the visitor has stored on their computer. Websites use cookies, among other things, for the purpose of storing settings for how the website is to be displayed to the visitor. Another common use of cookies is as part of collecting information about visitor’s behaviour.

You agree to which cookies we may place through the cookie banner that appears when you log on to the page. To revoke your consent you choose that option on the cookie banner. When you revoke your consent, we will delete cookies that we have placed on your computer.

2. Fellow Future's use of cookies

Fellow Future uses cookies to improve the user friendliness of the website, such as keeping track of your entered information when filling out online forms. We use two types of cookies: permanent cookies and session cookies: 

  • Permanent cookies: These cookies save a file for a long time on your computer and are used for functions that register what is new since the user last visited the current website.
  • Session cookies: These cookies are valid only during the visit to the website, for example, to keep track of whether you are logged in or what you have written in an online form.

3. Cookies for Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to gain deeper insight into how our users use our website. Google Analytics places both permanent cookies and session cookies. Google does not associate your IP address with information collected or data that has already been collected.

4. User consent

We obtain your consent before we collect or store cookies. This applies to all forms of cookies. We do not obtain your consent when cookies are only for the website’s core functionality. You have the ability to configure your browser from accepting cookies by changing your browser’s cookie settings.

5. Which cookies do we use

Necessary cookies

  • Language: This cookie is used to maintain the status/functions of the website when you are logged in to the website.
  • Location: This cookie is used to ensure an adequate level of protection when you are logged in to the website.
  • Mobile: This cookie is used so that you only have access to your own information.

Functional cookies

  • Language: This cookie is placed to be able to save the language you have chosen.
  • Location: This cookie is placed so that we can see the approximate address to be able to adapt the website to the country you are in.
  • Mobile: This cookie is placed so that we can adapt the website to if you are logged in to the mobile.

Cookies for statistical purposes

  • Statistic: This cookie is placed so that we can keep statistics on how you navigate the website.
  • Statistic: We place this cookie to measure how often you visit our website.
  • Statistic: This cookie is placed so that we can measure from which countries/cities our visitors are from.

Targeting cookies

  • Google Analytics: We place this cookie to be able to improve the user experience and analyze how you navigate the website, what kind of products you are interested in, and to be able to give you recommendations.
  • Advertisement: We place this cookie to be able to direct marketing to you.

6. Additional Information

For further details about how we collect, use, and protect your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Cookie Policy or any other policies, please feel free to contact us.

Last update May 10, 2024