Accelerate your sustainability journey with Fellow Future® - an open platform to drive sustainable impact and outcomes for your business. Get access to our curated content, a powerful ecosystem of partners, and a marketplace that helps to reach your sustainability goals. Discover our solutions


Reshaping Commerce for a Better World

Founded by Erika Johansson in 2018, Fellow Future was born out of a vision to help accelerate the transition through collective action. We recognized the urgent and increasing need to provide better access to sustainable services and goods, education, resources, tools, and professional support/expertise. 

This inspired the creation of our pioneering platform - bridging the gap between industries and stakeholders working towards a sustainable future. Our platform enables knowledge sharing, collaboration, and access to sustainable services, goods, resources, tools, and educational offerings. Learn more


Making Sustainable Business Mainstream

 We provide an inclusive and innovative platform, enabling education, trading, and collaboration among businesses, consumers, industry experts, and other stakeholders. Our mission is to build a better future by fostering sustainable business practices and creating a thriving ecosystem for positive change.

We are different from the many marketplaces niched at sustainability, by taking a more holistic, and transformative approach, leveraging partnerships and new technology. Our vision and overall goal is to amplify the impact of our emerging ecosystem, to unlock the full potential of sustainability. Meet our Team


Empowering Sustainable Transformation

Underpinned by the core belief that sustainability can only be achieved through collaboration, we are pioneering a new paradigm of sustainable commerce.
We envision a world where diverse businesses, industries, and stakeholders can connect, trade, learn, and thrive together, united by shared values and goals.

Our platform works as a catalyst - empowering partners and clients with the solutions and expertise needed to implement sustainable practices, transform their business models, operations, supply chains - and to pioneer new innovative solutions aligned with circular economy and ESG principles. Learn more


The Principles That Guide Us

Our core values are what drive us, and they are the foundation of what we do. These principles shape our mission, influence our decisions, and guide our thoughs and daily actions. By embracing these core values, we strive to create a positive impact, fostering a more sustainable future for all. Learn more