Join Our Scandinavian Network for Sustainable Accomodations

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Fellow Future has partnered with Joonze, a leading B2B platform connecting travellers with hotels.
Join us in promoting sustainable travel and showcasing the best of Scandinavian hospitality.



Why Become a Fellow Future Hotel?

Showcase Sustainability

Showcase your destination's commitment to sustainability, circularity, and eco-friendly practices.
Share your initiatives with our network to appeal to guests who prioritize responsible accommodations.

Gain Global Visibility and Reach

Reach travelers worldwide who actively seek responsible hotels. Through our partnership with Joonze, you can
access a global audience to extend your impact and reach, ensuring your hotel is visible to travelers everywhere.

Highlight Nature and Cultural Experiences

Showcase the breathtaking landscapes, sustainable cousine, thoughtful design, and rich cultural experiences offered
at your destination. Captivate guests with unforgettable experiences while promoting sustainable travel practices.

Empower Guests for Positive Impact

Enable guests to get empowered, to measure their carbon footprint, and offset their travel emissions, contributing
to responsible consumption. Support development projects benefiting local communities for a positive impact.

Benefit from Cost Effective Marketing

Benefit from a cost-effective marketing solution with transparent pricing. Pay only a 12% commission on bookings
with an annual marketing fee of USD 500. Ceate maximum impact and reach while minimizing unneccessary costs.

All Types of Accommodations Welcome

Sign up today and become part of our growing community dedicated to sustainable travel. Whether you run a single hotel, manage a larger hotel chain, operate a spa hotel, tree hotel, ice hotel, Bed & Breakfast, charming villa or guesthouse, we welcome all types of accommodations to join our network.

Our selection is based on stringent Enivornmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) criteria, and we prioritize accommodations who hold recognized sustainability certifications such as Svanen, EarthCheck, and Green Key, demonstrating a committment, and a dedication to sustainable practices.

 Unlock new opportunities to market your accommodation to responsible travelers worldwide!